We are willing to provide innovative technology to the medical

Luxonus Inc. is developing a diagnostic imaging system that uses photoacoustic 3D imaging (PAI) technology, which combines light and ultrasound, to safely and easily capture ultra-high-resolution 3D images without exposure. This new technology enables us to obtain morphological and functional information on blood vessels and lymphatic vessels, which will provide a comprehensive picture of the disease onset, the healing process, and pre- and post-illness health conditions. For example, it is expected to bring about innovations in future medical care, such as utilizing the information for preoperative diagnosis and early determination of treatment effects, and enabling the selection of the most appropriate treatment for individuals who have been difficult to treat.

Photoacoustic 3D Imaging(PAI)

PAI is a technology that uses a special sensor to receive ultrasound waves generated when pulsed light is irradiated to a living body, and computer analysis is used to create images from the received data. Compared to existing imaging technologies such as ultrasound, X-ray computed tomography (CT), and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), new diagnostic imaging equipment using PAI enables ultra-high resolution 3D imaging of blood vessels with no exposure and no invasiveness (no contrast agent used). In addition, hemoglobin oxygen saturation and lymphatic vessels can be visualized, which is expected to be utilized for preoperative planning and verification of medication effects.