We, Luxonus, are a start-up company that develops photoacoustic imaging systems using technology developed through the “ImPACT” program of the Cabinet Office.

We provide photoacoustic imaging systems and services for easy and safe 3D imaging of vascular vessels (blood vessels and lymphatic vessels).

Trade nameLuxonus Inc.
RepresentativeRepresentative Director
Sadakazu Aiso (Professor Emeritus, Keio University, Visiting Professor, Shibaura Institute of Technology)
OfficeAIRBIC A22, 7-7 Shinkawasaki, Saiwai-ku, Kawasaki City, Kanagawa, Japan, 212-0032
EstablishedDecember 2018
Business DescriptionProduct development of new imaging devices based on photoacoustic technology
Licenses and PermitsType II medical device manufacturing and sales business (License No. 14B2X10055, Japan)
Medical device manufacturer (registration number 14BZ200329, Japan)
Medical device repairer (registration number 14BS200393, Japan )
RegistrationISO 13485 Certification Registered
Design and development, and manufacture of imaging equipment using photoacoustic technology.